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Monday, January 07, 2008


Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
If I die before I wake
Forgive me for being thankful

No preservation of body
No casket of metal
Pine is all I want
No vault to protect in death which wasn't protected in life

No stone marking my existance
Let me be invisible again to the world as I am to my family

I pray that God forgive me my sins
My wish for death
My plan for death
My need to give my soul the comfort of silence

Comfort me in my terror of hell,
what hell could be worse than inner torture
Of no escape

Darkness, silence, solitude have no pain


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I suppose that you and I could do a two-for-one Don't Fear the Reaper.

Are you reading my mind?

I agree. My vertigo/deafness/vestibular craziness hearing distortion and MS will simply not let up. It's hard to be in my body. My workshop on family of origin issues was great. It took a couple of other people to validate that my mother tried to kill me and my father and sister sat around and did nada. I imagine that set the stage for being this ill. Now I have an LTD company doing weird shit and I'm really tired of that stuff. I don't think anyone should have to live that doesn't want to. More later. Love, S

1/22/2008 11:42 PM


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