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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lost Wax Method of Life

Goes hand in hand with Meltdown.

Well, life continues to be a series of adventures.

Good news, Mom is doing much better.

Bad news, one of my cats tested + for feline leukemia.

This means I get to have 2 others tested, and if I can catch the third, him tested as well.

Which means I take them all down by myself, which means driving. Which means vertigo.

I got one out of the way today - Mini. She's a doll. Little, pudgy, bowling ball of a doll. But she's negative, so that's good. She's Mom's cat, so I was very worried about the results. Next is Jaspurr on Saturday. He's mine. Then Black Guy - who started this whole thing.

He's got a bum paw and doesn't put weight on it. I put the have a heart trap out and of course I got my other wild child, Cicero in it. He's pictured in from last summer. Sweetest kiddo around. But, he had a warm, safe place to sleep this winter, ate better than most humans and hadn't gotten sick yet when he tested +. So, not a bad way to go I suppose. Better than getting hit, or attacked or caught in a trap and starve, in a fight and die of infection, etc.

So, I have Mom to deal with being intermittently uncooperative regarding her recovery efforts from her surgery. I have the cats to get tested, vaccinated (normal time for it), put down or surgery as the moment requires. Already having Mini going in next Friday for dental work. She has death breath, so I knew this was coming. Have been saving up for it.

Have normal spring clean-up and crap to do. Have the house to take care of. And now have my brother to contend with on a building Mom and I are putting up for a quilting business.

I barely have the eye power to do the research I need, and to now have him pulling out of the work he agreed to do - which is to grade the spot the building is going in and nothing more - is more than my brain can do.

I tried to do my research tonight and it just isn't going to happen. I'm too dizzy. Between taking Mini to the vet and then having to mow - didn't even finish - and cook and clean and do a load of laundry, I'm toast. I want to go to bed and it's 930.

Oh well. Life goes on. I'll figure it out tomorrow.


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