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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

50 bucks a week

12/19 - Life is just getting too comedic.
Vertigo - bad enough.
Then, add having the entire house disrupted getting two new floors in.
Worse. But, not much I can do about it. Meclizine helps a little.
Feel better for about a day between floors.
Have killer allergic "thing" the day after the second floor is put in.
Nasty ass snow storm nails me to the couch the day after that.
Asthma starts kicking up. Get the inhaler and pred pack.
Yeast infection the next day. Well, that's what I get for self-medicating with chocolate. LOL
Period comes right after the discovery of the infection. Life is just too sympathetic.
Turn water on for shower and a water main down the road breaks. Literally - same time.

We never lost power. At least not yet. LOL

So - what else can happen? I'm sure it will and I'll let you know!

Oh - looked online and found out that national average for cleaning is 30/hour. We've got some real gougers around here. I'm going to keep looking. Hopefully will find someone willing.


It'll cost $50/cleaning to regain my sanity.

That's to dust the first floor, clean the tub, the toilet and the sink in 1 bathroom.

Cleaning the kitchen sink and counter would be extra.

WOW. I should have gone into cleaning houses. M&D have no clue how much they're saving by having me as a slave. I had no clue how much I was paying in sweat rent.

I'm feeling some better. Allergies are down. Asthma is still up. Hives and itching are still around, but at least they're decreasing substantially. Methylpred is a great drug. So's albuterol. And meclizine. And alka seltzer cold/allergy. And Effexor. LOL

Not much of a chemical cocktail there, huh?

I still have a headache.

I know I want out of this situationg. I just don't know how to get out.

Was able to air the house out quite a bit. That felt good. It gets so stuffy. So close. Too prison like.

Merry Christmas.


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