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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I walked some time away today.

Got thinking.

Christ made the decision to die. It was courageous. It was selfless. It was the supreme sacrifice.

When some of us make the decision to die, it's cowardly, and selfish.

Why is that?

He knew life would not get any better while he lived. So he chose to die.

I know life won't get any better while i live, so i choose to die. Life has gotten worse, not better.

I wonder if anyone has ever given in to the thought that only those brave enough to sacrifice life here in hell are the ones who get into heaven - not those who tarry on just to bitch, complain and make things worse for everyone and everything around them.

To me - the latter is the most selfish. To do nothing to make the world a better place for everyone - to only trudge along in a miserable existence, hoping someone else makes it better for THEM. That's the narcissistic.

Accepting that you can do no more and that it's time to move on - letting go. That isn't the selfish.


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