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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Life With A Twist, On The Rocks Please

Well, my life has become far more interesting.

2AM 4/3, my mom had a heart attack. A very mild one, mind you, but a heart attack just the same.

Her lungs filled up, she fought the medics like a wild cat, and finally got enough oxygen that she didn't have to fight for her life by 6AM.

12 hours later, the blood work and EKG finally showed she had one.

After finally getting her O2 sats up in the 90's on oxygen, they sent her for a heart cath. That showed her aortic valve and 1 coronary artery needed massive repairs. Replace the valve, bypass the artery and all will be well. But since the valve means cracking her chest, they're goign to do both at once, this Tuesday.

So, during this time, I'm "the woman of the house". She's sleeping a lot - which I would expect fully. She has 2 new docs who, along with the family doc, have changed her meds alllll around, and so her body needs to adjust yet again.

AND get off cigarettes.

I've abandoned my work for hurricane recovery. I can't do it all. Life is all about choices, and so hear it is. It's changed, I have to change.

It's making me twirl like a dirvish, but hopefully it'll settle down soon. The house is mostly in order. She's mostly stable and needs little supervision. The phone has mostly stopped ringing.

Like all of those mostly's?

So - It has become very interesting and will become more so starting Tuesday when she gets her chest cracked.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohhh, I am with you in spirit completely on this one. My dad had this in 1990. He'd had chest pain for a year. A full year, and didn't tell anyone. He got a great ten years out of the 9 way (yes that's right - the three majors were almost completely blocked; no one understood how he was alive....) by pass. But then, that was seventeen years ago and I wasn't this disabled and I was seventeen years younger. Don't know what would happen if I had to do it now. I would break down an cry. So I will visualize you with a psychic forklift and no vertigo, my dear friend.......-S

4/06/2007 5:32 PM

Blogger Leslie said...

Hey! Thanks. Life just doesn't get any easier.
The Nor'Easter nailed my ass for 3 days straight. Am trying to regain some balance.
Even psychic balance would be a good thing right now!

4/17/2007 10:07 PM


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