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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Twists and Turns for The Dizzy

Well, I'll try to keep this on point and at least a little focused.

Mom had her surgery. It went well, but not as planned.

They couldn't replace the valve because her aorta is too calcified. The surgeon flipped because Mom had NO signs or symptoms to indicate she was in this bad of shape. The catheterization could have killed her. But it didn't. And she came through the surgery just fine.

She's pinker than I've seen her in over a year, but she's very depressed. Life defined in singular years must be pretty hard to swallow, so I'm not arguing.

I have to research hospitals in hopes of finding another technique that might be used on her. My bro, while GREAT during the initial part of this has slacked off severely, only researching to discount my ideas. I don't get that. But I guess I don't have to.

My sister leaves tomorrow, leaving me to deal with it alone all day long.

The latest storm nailed my ass hard - leaving me dizzier than a dirvish for 4 days now. I'm trying to do some exercises that will bring me back up, but I'm not sure how well it'll work. I'm always behind right now on the learning curve and it'll take me at least 4 more weeks to start feeling 'normal' again.

My aunt will be a Godsend. She's doing errands for me and is willing to do just about anything I ask as I need it. She'll practically live here soon! And that isn't necessarily a good thing. [big smile]

We get along, but it would truly strain our relationship. Mother v. Sister in relationship - I can see huge butting of heads if we don't dance very carefully.

so - that's where I am right now.

To all those at Va Tech - my prayers are with you and your families. It's beyond comprehension how 1 man's torment turns into a community's tragedy. I am so sorry.


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