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Monday, August 21, 2006

More Health Crap

8/21 You'd think the vertigo would be enough. But no - I need more.

I referenced not being a stranger to the chronic ilness universe. I had Chronic Fatigue before it was called Chronic Fatigue. It took a few years, but I figured it out and actually became stronger, so was thrilled and probably a little over confident coming into the vertigo.

I also have asthma. It started after a couple of incidents. First, the airbag in my car deployed. Second, I assisted ventilating a house with several CO poisoning victims. Breathing was NOT easy after that one.

Then, right before and during the initial vertigo, I had chronic sinusitis brought on by the glorious air quality of Dallas TX. I had some environmental allergies, but nothing like there. It's taken me close to 4 years to regain my immune system from that 14 month stint. I also had surgery to open up 1 set of sinuses (frontal) that were literally swollen shut and infected.

Carpal Tunnel. Had surgery on one hand. Should have had it on the other. But - they still work even if numb, so what do I care? Plus, I found several exercises that work GREAT at easing the symptoms.

Vitreous detachment. This is a fun one. I'm very near sighted. Myopic - you can say it. No biggie. And I knew I was at risk for retinal detachment, but no one every mentioned this. One day, I had flashes in my left eye - whenever I moved it. Plus, floaters like you wouldn't believe. I kept thinking I had a bug flying around, or a hair in front of my eye. This can lead to RD. Sweet. I keep getting checked, and they keep finding all is ok. Just a huge 'thread' of vitreous hanging out in my central vision. The brighter the light is, the more pronounced this is.

And the latest - bee stings. I get stung every year. It comes with playing with flowers. And normally I don't mind. But this year, I got stung about 10 times by yellow jackets (ground hornets). My allergies are way up, my asthma's way up, I have heartburn like never before, I'm scarring - which makes NO sense. The tiniest scratch becomes this dark ugly thing that makes it look like I'm burning myself with cigarettes. I was on pred, am back on pred. Was on a steroidal inhalor - had to quit because of acute laryngitis. Have increased my antihystamine by 50-100% to keep the itching down.

And of course, when any of these are worse, it seems as if the vertigo is worse.
Lucky me.

8/22 - Last night, I was able to breathe right for the first time in I don't know how long. It seems as if I've been living with half lung function for a month now. You take the deepest breath you can, and you feel like you're going to push your stomach out your belly button, and it still isn't enough. I'm finally able to take a full breath, know it's a full breath, and be able to do it without "stepping" my breathing - breath, hold for a second, breath a little deeper, hold for a second.

It really cuts down on the anxiety. That's for sure. Maybe the pred is finally kicking in. That and a couple of hits of albuterol before you lie down.

I hate that. I feel like I'm speed balling. Benadryl and albuterol together. It's the worst feeling and i have NO clue why druggies do it.


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