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Monday, August 21, 2006


There is little else I hate more than paperwork.

I'm not stranger to chronic illness, but I've never had to be on disability before.

Oh, My, God. I have never seen so much paperwork - AND to have to fill it out annually is just beyond me.

I have a life insurance police - well, if I hadn't borrowed against it, SS would have made me cash it in. So, at least I got to keep it. The insurance company has a disability clause that states it will pay the premium for you, should you be unable to. Woo! But, you have to refile the information annually and bug your doc to fill out his portion of the crap to send in with it.

Then there's student loans. I'm still holding off on permanently getting a forebearance or whatever it's called because I keep hoping I'll go back to work and pay them off. Problem is - you have to send that paperwork in every 6 months.

And bad debt. Writing letters of cease and desist in the phone calls, replying to their requests, filling out the paperwork when served for court.

Going to new doctors - I'm not doing that anymore. But still - pages and pages of forms.

Going on disability! That was a hill of forms. I was so bad back then, I had to get a paralegal to help me. I couldn't read and comprehend. I just couldn't. And it was so overwhelming for Mom. I thank God I don't have to do that crap annually. But give them time - they'll figure out that people would rather drop off the radar then go through that every year. It would save the Feds tons of cash.

I'm sure many people find it frustrating, annoying, and probably overwhelming. But for me, I cry. Almost every time. Trying to figure out what information they want is virtually impossible for me. I just don't get what they want from the way the questions are worded.

I just filled the one out for the life insurance. I'm getting ready to have the information tattooed on my body. I've got a couple already - might as well make 1 useful. At least I'm going to my doc in a couple of days. He can fill out his part - which I try to do for him - and sign it and send it.

Why is it always such an uphill battle?


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