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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Day

I really need to learn to shut my mouth and just hang up the phone.

Just hung up on a creditor. We want to resolve this peacefully. Do the right thing. Borrow from other people. Make your parents dip into their retirement.

Like I haven't tried all of those options in the last 5 years. But the last thing I will do is jeapardize my parent's retirement to take responsibility for my debt that I thought I'd be able to pay but got disabled in the middle of.

So, we had a bit of a discussion that ended with me saying goodbye in the middle of his sentance and hanging up. When he calls tomorrow - which he will - I'll get his address and mail a cease and desist letter. Thankfully they can't call more than once a day.

Went to the doc today. He's such a great guy. I wish he could be cloned. So understanding. More than most.

Anyway, he got a first hand glimpse of my asthma, my scarring and my allergies. While coughing and hacking up what felt like a half a lung through a cocktail straw, he said Singulair would work on all of the symptoms except the scarring. Hey - if I can breathe and stop itching without taking 100 mg of Benadryl, I'll take it.

So, hopefully the prednisone will still be working when the singulair starts working so I don't have any time with major symptoms.

Just to have one little thing gone will feel so good.

Bleepin' hornets. Oh - there was an article about them - very scary. I think I'm glad I don't live in AL:

Giant yellow jacket nests popping up all over with multiple queens. Like *12* queens and counting in one nest that's been destroyed. They estimated 100,000 bees in the size of a VX Beetle. The largest "normal" nest has 3000. Mine only had about 25-100.

But why AL? I could understand the other more badly hit hurricane states because of all the trees that have gone down - material for nest building, and all the garbage around for them to feed on, plus a mild winter. But AL? It should be interesting to see what theories they come up with.


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