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Friday, March 23, 2007

Pet Food Recall

You know, I have a penchant for conspiracy theories. I laugh about them usually because they usually are very far-fetched. Such is the life of someone who has way too much time to just sit and think.
Don't worry, I'm not buying Catcher in the Rye compulsively just yet.
But, here's my theory on the pet food thing:

Monsanto - maker of Round Up. They have an incredible lobby and also own several seed companies. They have genetically engineered many grains to withstand Round-Up's toxic nature so farmers can use their product. They've also lobbied so that farmers can NOT save grain from the previous year to sow the next year - hence, needing to buy the latest and greatest GE seed.

Countries world-wide are refusing this grain, due to its untested nature. Who can blame them? Fish genes in grain just doesn't sound like a good idea. Even African nations with populations starving to death refuse this grain. And yet, we keep growing it.

Well, knowing the public isn't too keen on the idea of GE foods, what ever will we do with all of this grain we have stored? I know! Put it in Pet Food! We'll have a captive market since we can sell it dirt cheap (and farmers get subsidies for growing it and then selling sub market prices) to a completely unregulated industry that grosses billions per year. After 5 or 10 years, we can say, "hey, it's been in pet food for 5/10 years with absolutely no ill effects. Therefore, it's safe for humans to eat."

Only, our pets have become the canary in the coal mine. They're dying en masse because of a new strain that might grow spectacularly with Round Up on it, but isn't compatible with any other life form.

And because pets are considered property, there's no huge risk of lawsuits that would put anybody out of business. Monsanto is safe, Menu foods is safe. Iams, Eukanuba, and a host of others are safe.

Who wants to research the true owners of the Menu company? I'll put money on it being a back door subsidiary of Monsanto.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, you are right. But here's what I think, along with a few other deep thinkers: every time something like this happens - as well as hacking into computers to steal information - it's a trial. It's a trial to see how easy it would be to upend things in our food supply to instill fear, because nothing (I mean nothing) has been done to protect us. We have gone on the cheap ordering wheat gluten from China to maximize profits. I predict that our drugs will eventually come from there - even though we have been told that Mexican and Canadian drugs are dangerous. When a country is run for profit - and profit only, without oversight - get ready. We're in for some interesting times.

4/04/2007 3:38 PM

Blogger Leslie said...

You're not the only one who thinks this.
Considering the gov't openly admits that it checks (much less tests) less than 2% of all food being imported (I think mail is up to a whopping 5%), how easy it is to see what areas of the food supply chain can be hacked into.
So let's cut a few more USDA jobs. Let's make it easier for any idiot or terrorist group to lay seige to our country.
AND, build up a great trade deficit simultaneously.
No wonder there's so much contempt for the US now.

4/05/2007 10:20 PM


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