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Saturday, September 23, 2006


I don't have the cognitive ability anymore, so please bare with me.

There is red/green color blind and blue/yellow color blind.

Many people with severe learning disabilities are told to read through yellow or blue screens when reading items printed on white paper. One or the other color will work. They never know which one, but one of them will.

Many people I have met online while dealing with the vertigo find yellow light works very well for them - very soothing and doesn't exacerbate their vertigo. For me, I need blue. NEED. Yellow sets me off.

So - what if there is something to this? What if dizzy folks worked with different colors to see if one helps reduce their vestibular symptoms? What part of the brain is connected to they eyes and ears that would cause this?

I know flourescent lights kill all of us when in buildings filled with them. But I actually do better when I have a combination of flourescent and incadescent.

Broader spectrum, yes. But why would the combination be better when the one makes me worse?

I'm wondering about this because my mom finally got a new bulb for the halogen light. It's been burned out all summer. Well, my vertigo has sucked all summer. But when that worked again, we didn't have those bloody dim yellow lamps on that were just killing me.

So - is there something to the color? I'm tempted to try some blue tinted lenses to find out if it helps.



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