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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Something Clicked

I truly don't know what clicked in my brain, but something did. Monday, 8/28, life became far less dizzy, off-balance, clouded.

With Ernesto tracking up the East Coast, I may be flat on my back again - I don't know. Normally, large coastal storms - Nor'Easters as we call them - make my brain spin like no other. I have guesses as to why, but I truly don't know. Generally, coastal storms are travelling quickly and gaining in power as they come northward. I think the combination of the 2 dynamics is too much for my inner ears to deal with at once, and so sends my brain into a hissy fit of great proportion. I hope not, but we'll find out.

The asthma seems better - which will always make my mood improve. Breathing has a way of making life better.

So, I'm still bitter, still angry and still have a huge chip on my shoulder. But it seems as if maybe, just maybe, the true depression is lifting. The venom has left and now it's just residual again. I feel like quilting, am quilting, and feel like working on the blogs again.

It's really difficult to see what good you do when you consider it all an exercise in futility anyway. LOL I don't see it as such today.

One Day At A Time. ODAAT.



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