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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Family

Well, Hell Week is almost over.

It's actually been 8 days, so it might become Hell Fortnight. We'll see how the rest of this week goes.

I had to deal with my sister in law prattling on incessantly about her business she's going to start up. It's a long story I don't want to talk about righ tnow.

Then there's my brother trying to take credit for our collective gift to our parents. I corrected them on it almost immediately. Well, yeah, but. No - no yeah buts. Everything following but is bull shit. Remember that.

He wasn't even on board with it until a couple of weeks ago. Sorry Charlie, when you say M&D like living without and leave them be, I have a hard time with you trying to take credit for the gift of improving their lives. Asshole.

My eye is mucked up again. Huge honkin' floater that has that wonderful spider appearance and never goes away. It's a full 5% of my visual field.

Killer dizzy after having my brother over. Joy to the world. Hoping it goes away, but you never know.

He and his wife are sucha drain. And I know he made everyone else uncomfortable with absolutely no gift to me. Hell, even I gave them a card.

Very soon I'll be suggesting strongly that I'm left out of the festivities when he's involved. He just isn't worth my time or dizziness.


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